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Laboratory group

The CPMCT team

The wonderful CPMCT Team

Visart Thierry

Thierry Visart

Academic Staff

Director, Professor

Croquet Olivier

Olivier Croquet

ATGS Staff

Research engeneering / Technical management

Desantoine Aline

Aline Desantoine

ATGS Staff

Administrative management

Barroo Cédric

Cédric Barroo

Research Staff

PhD, F.N.R.S fellow

Lambeets Sten

Sten Lambeets

Research Staff

Chenakin Sergey

Sergey Chenakin

Visiting Researcher

PhD, Professor

Kruse Norbert

Norbert Kruse

Visiting Researcher


Gilis Natalia

Natalia Gilis

PhD Student

Jacobs Luc

Luc Jacobs

PhD Student